Atlanta Car Accident Attorney


Our Atlanta personal injury practice has an emphasis on car accidents and the injuries that result therefrom. We handle the more routine car accident cases and injuries in the Atlanta area, but we also have extensive experience in catastrophic accidents and injuries, including death as a result of a car accident.

Between I-75, I-85, and I-285 these roadways log about 54,000 vehicle miles traveled per day, and that doesn't even include the smaller roads and highways in the Atlanta area. With this many cars and trucks on the roadways everyday it should come as no surprise that every year there are 155,000 car and truck accidents. in the Atlanta area. Of those car accidents about a third or more result in injury.  While we hope that you are not one of those unfortunate people to be injured in a car accident, we trust that we can make sure that you receive the care and compensation that you deserve. 

When we take on a car accident case in the Atlanta area the first thing we make sure to do is to document any visible damage to your person and all damage to your car and other personal property. We also do a thorough investigation of the scene and document it with pictures. The key is to call us as early as possible so that we may have an opportunity to evaluate the scene as it was on the day of the incident. We welcome emergency calls so that we can properly document your case from the instant of any damage or injury. This is not to say that you should call us for medical care or advice, simply that you should call us as soon as practicable so that we may more thoroughly document your case. 

After meeting with us for your free initial consultation we immediately make a request for the police report of the accident. While the police report is not admissible in court to prove or disprove the liability of a party it serves as an important tool for our firm to establish liability with the at-fault party. We also make a claim with the proper insurance company, if applicable, or make attempts to find the proper insurance company or other entity financially responsible for the damages caused by the car accident. If we determine that the at-fault party is not insured we then begin our search for an applicable uninsured motorist policy. 

If you received and will continue to receive medical treatment for any of your injuries we request the records. We will evaluate the records for indication of any diagnoses made by a medical care provider. These diagnoses will help establish not only a causal connection between the medical care provided to you and the car accident, but will also serve as a basis for any pain and suffering associated with such injury. Below we describe the different types of damages recoverable as the result of injury to person or property in a car accident.  



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