Atlanta Attorney Practice Areas:


Atlanta Car Accident - Our Atlanta personal injury practice has an emphasis on car/auto accidents and injuries. We have handled more routine accidents and injuries to catastrophic accidents and injuries, including death as a result of a car accident. Check out our Atlanta car accident section for more detailed information.

Atlanta Truck (Tractor Trailer) Accident - A truck (tractor trailer) accident is a separate area of law from a car accident matter. A truck accident involves a myriad of specialized laws and rules to follow in initiating an action. In our Atlanta truck accident section we describe some of the regulations and laws that apply to this area and how we use them to get you results.
Atlanta Premises Accident - Our premises accident practice focuses on the negligence of property and business owners via slip and fall accidents and negligent security. Whether you have fallen as a result of a dangerous condition caused or not cured by a landowner or you have been assaulted in your apartment or a local establishment we can hold the negligent party liable and get you the compensation you deserve. Check out more information in our slip and fall and negligent security sections.
Atlanta Catastrophic Injuries - Our catastrophic injury practice focuses on the most severe and serious injuries resulting from the negligence of others. Check out our catastrophic injury section for more information on this area of our practice. 
Atlanta Wrongful Death - Our wrongful death practice has an has handled complex wrongful death claims that resulted from  a high impact accident or a relatively minor accident. Whether we have to try a case before a jury or are able to gain an acceptable settlement we are determined to get the right results and protect your interests. 
Atlanta Dog Bite - Our Atlanta Dog Bite practice handles injures that occur from an animal that was negligently maintained and has caused someone injury. All dog owners should be responsible by keeping their potentially dangerous animals away from innocent victims. These claims can be difficult without proper investigation, but we have the experience to get you the results that you deserve.
Atlanta Brain Injury - Our Brain Injury practice has experience in handling brain injury damage cases. These injuries can be difficult to prove as they may only manifest themselves after your initial visit with emergency care. We have the experience to pursue these sometimes difficult cases. 
Atlanta Medical Malpractice - Our Medical Malpractice practice is willing and able to undertake the often expensive and complex cases involving medical negligence. While these cases have been made much more difficult due to modern tort reform we still have proven successful in getting results for our injured clients.